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Cities & DOT

Your government project is in good hands, whether you need to level concrete park pathways, sidewalks, public walkways, and more.


If your business has uneven sidewalks, lots, or pathways, reduced safety hazzards and risks of lawsuits with foam concrete leveling.


Stop worrying about unsightly cracks and uneven concrete around your home! Foam concrete leveling will beautify your property and make it safer.

Who We Are

CBI Leveling is Southern California’s trusted contractor for foam concrete leveling. Does your residential or commercial property have uneven concrete walkways, driveways, pool decks, patios, floors, or slab foundations? Get an experienced team to even out your concrete and eliminate tripping hazards and water pooling issues.

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Benefits of Foam Concrete Leveling

Beautify Your Unsightly Concrete

No one appreciates cracked and uneven concrete. A smooth walkway or patio can often make all the difference in making a property beautiful and livable. Foam concrete leveling the soil stabilization beneath your concrete, which helps ensure that your concrete stays level long into the future.

No More Safety Hazard

Not only is uneven concrete hard on the eyes, but it can also be a major liability and safety hazard. Give your property a much-needed concrete leveling update and keep your family and neighbors safe while protecting yourself from potential fines and lawsuits.

Overcome the Elements

One of the major causes of uneven concrete is due to shifting soil, which is very common throughout all of Southern California. The drought makes this problem even worse, while El Nino is another contributing factor to unstable soil. Foam concrete leveling is the perfect solution to cracks and sunken concrete.

Simple & Affordable

Foam concrete leveling is a quick and efficient solution to your concrete problems. Other methods may risk making the issues worse by increasing the weight over already-compromised soil. CBI Leveling will help you save money and achieve the best results.

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We Offer Financing

Let us help you finance your foam concrete leveling! Enjoy all the benefits without breaking the bank, such as:

  • Increased your cash flow by using the bank’s money, not yours
  • Qualification is fast and simple

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